1980 to 2000

 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   The Beatitudes (Matt. 5:1-12) 1 PC0001  00_00_01.mp3 
 Pete Nelson   Salt and Light (Matt.5:13-16) 1 PC0002  00_00_02.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Christians and the Law (Matt.5:17-20) 1 PC0003  00_00_03.mp3 
 Damien Kyle   Attitudes of the Heart (Matt.5:21-48) 1 PC0005  00_00_04.mp3 
 Sandy Adams   Wrong Motivations (Matt.6:1-7) 1 PC0006  00_00_05.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   How to Pray (Matt.6:8-15) 1 PC0007  00_00_06.mp3 
 Bil Gallatin   A Single Focus (Matt.6:19-24) 1 PC0008  00_00_07.mp3 
 Peter Jon Courson   Seek Ye First (Matt.6:25-34) 1 PC0009  00_00_08.mp3 
 Ken Ham   Scopes Trial 1 PC0010  00_00_09.mp3 
 Richard Cimino   Devotions 1 PC0011  00_00_10.mp3 
 Louis Neely   Judging (Matt.7:1-6) 1 PC0012  00_00_11.mp3 
 Joe Focht   Encouragement to Pray (Matt.7:7-11) 1 PC0013  00_00_12.mp3 
 Brian Brodersen   The Two Ways (Matt.7:13-20) 1 PC0014  00_00_13.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Lame Man Walking (Acts 4:1-14) 1 PC0016  00_00_14.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   Devotions 1 PC0017  00_00_15.mp3 
 Raul Ries   I Never Knew You (Matt.7:21-23) 1 PC0018  00_00_16.mp3 
 Bob Coy   The Two Foundations (Matt.7:24-29) 1 PC0019  00_00_17.mp3 
 Ricky Ryan   The Gifts & Baptism of the Spirit 1 PC0031  00_00_18.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   The Call of God vs The Grasp of Man 1 PC0032  00_00_19.mp3 
 Tom Stipe   What Constitutes Success? 1 PC0033  00_00_20.mp3 
 Don McClure   Assistant Pastors 1 PC0034  00_00_21.mp3 
 Wayne Taylor   Raising Up Leadership 1 PC0036  00_00_22.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   Communication 1 PC0037  00_00_23.mp3 
 Bob Hoekstra   Biblical Counseling 1 PC0038  00_00_24.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Expositional Teaching 1 PC0039  00_00_25.mp3 
 Jeff Black   Marriage 1 PC0040  00_00_26.mp3 
 Bob Church   Church Finances 1 PC0041  00_00_27.mp3 
 Brian Brodersen   Birthing A New Work 1 PC0042  00_00_28.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   God's Model for the Church (Acts) 1 PC445  01_99_01.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Continuation of Jesus' Ministry 1 PC446  01_99_02.mp3 
 Malcolm Wild   You Shall Receive Power (Acts 1:4-8) 1 PC447  01_99_03.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Rapture of the Church (Acts 1:7) 1 PC448  01_99_04.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Innerancy / Infallibility of the Word 1 PC449  01_99_05.mp3 
 Ritche / Ryan   Baptism of the Holy Spirit / Response 1 PC450  01_99_06.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Peter's Sermon - Cultural Relevancy 1 PC451  01_99_07.mp3 
 Don McClure   Functions of the Early Church 1 PC452  01_99_08.mp3 
 Steve Mays   The Men That God Uses (Acts 3-4) 1 PC453  01_99_09.mp3 
 Joe Focht   Prayer for Boldness Against Threats 1 PC454  01_99_10.mp3 
 Bob Coy   Fear of God - Discipline & Hypocrisy 1 PC455  01_99_11.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Priorities in the Ministry 1 PC456  01_99_12.mp3 
 Henry Morris   Creation Evangelism (Book of Acts) 1 PC457  01_99_13.mp3 
 L. Neely / C. Smith   The Spirit - Led Church 1 PC459  01_99_14.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Jon Courson   Demas 1 PC431  02_98_01.mp3 
 Bob Coy   Daniel 1 PC432  02_98_02.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Caleb 1 PC434  02_98_03.mp3 
 Don McClure   Paul - (Acts 20:24) 1 PC435  02_98_04.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   David - (Acts 13:36) 1 PC436  02_98_05.mp3 
 Bill Gallatin   Elijah 1 PC437  02_98_06.mp3 
 Ricky Ryan   Peter (The Holy Spirit) 1 PC438  02_98_07.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Samson 1 PC439  02_98_08.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Saul 1 PC440  02_98_09.mp3 
 Malcolm Wild   Solomon 1 PC441  02_98_10.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Jesus 1 PC442  02_98_11.mp3 
    Testimonies - Kenn Gulliksen (Vineyard) / Bob Grener (Ref. Theo.) 1 PC443  02_98_12.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Jon Courson   The Character and Nature of God 1 PC422  03_97_01.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   The Fear of the Lord 1 PC423  03_97_02.mp3 
 Louis Neely   What Is Holiness? 1 PC424  03_97_03.mp3 
 Malcolm Wild   The Necessity of Holiness 1 PC425  03_97_04.mp3 
 Wayne Taylor   Our Preparation for Holiness 1 PC426  03_97_05.mp3 
 Joe Focht   The Fruit on Unholiness 1 PC427  03_97_06.mp3 
 Damin Kyle   Safeguards to Holiness 1 PC428  03_97_07.mp3 
 Bill Ritchie   Living the Life of Holiness 1 PC429  03_97_08.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Our Commitment to Holiness 1 PC430  03_97_09.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   From the Heart PC380  04_96_01.mp3 
 Malcolm Wild   A Balanced Ministry PC381  04_96_02.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Vision in Ministry PC382  04_96_03.mp3 
 Bill Galatin   Struggles & Victories in Ministry PC384  04_96_04.mp3 
 Louis Neely   Obstacles to Faith PC385  04_96_05.mp3 
 Joe Focht   Plowing the Fallow Ground PC388  04_96_06.mp3 
 Bill Ritchie   Shepherding the Flock PC389  04_96_07.mp3 
 Bob Coy   The Motivation of Ministry PC391  04_96_08.mp3 
 Don McClure   Family Relationships PC392  04_96_09.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Preaching that Connects PC393  04_96_10.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Staying Current and Keeping Fresh PC394  04_96_11.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Holiness PC396  04_96_12.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Teaching the Word PC397  04_96_13.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   God's Model for the Church Pt.1 PC341  05_95_01.mp3 
 Bill Ritchie   Church Staff Relationships PC342  05_95_02.mp3 
 Bob Hoekstra   Biblical Counseling PC343  05_95_03.mp3 
 Damian Kyle   Devotions PC345  05_95_04.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   God's Model for the Church Pt. 2 PC346  05_95_05.mp3 
 Paul Havsgaard & Gaylord Tohill   Assistant Pastors PC347  05_95_06.mp3 
 Don Beeman   Benefits Assn. For Churches & Schools PC349  05_95_07.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   God's Model for the Church Pt. 3 PC350  05_95_08.mp3 
 Hank Hanegraaff & Tom Stipe   Current Heresies PC351  05_95_09.mp3 
 Bob Coy   Devotions PC352  05_95_10.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   God's Model for the Church Pt. 4 PC354  05_95_11.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   Having Begun In The Spirit PC310  06_94_01.mp3 
 David Hocking   The Empowering Of The Spirit PC311  06_94_02.mp3 
 Jon Courson   The Holy Spirit Building the Church PC312  06_94_03.mp3 
 Bill Galatin / Romaine   Devotions / Being a Servant PC313  06_94_04.mp3 
 Bob Coy   Holy Spirit Purifying The Church PC314  06_94_05.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   The Holy Spirit Guiding the Ministry PC315  06_94_06.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Holy Spirit in Sermon Preparation PC316  06_94_07.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Ministry Gifts of the Holy Spirit PC317  06_94_08.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   How To Receive the Holy Spirit PC318  06_94_09.mp3 
 Damian Kyle   Grieving the Holy Spirit PC319  06_94_10.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Quenching the Holy Spirit PC320  06_94_11.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   The Word of God PC280  08_92_01.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Prayer PC281  08_92_02.mp3 
 Ed Smith   Grace PC282  08_92_03.mp3 
 Wayne Taylor   Love PC283  08_92_04.mp3 
 Ricky Ryan   Fellowship PC284  08_92_05.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Worship PC285  08_92_06.mp3 
 Larry Taylor   Devotions PC286  08_92_07.mp3 
 Brian Broderson   The Pastor PC287  08_92_08.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   Life Style of the Minister PC288  08_92_09.mp3 
 Don McClure   Finance PC289  08_92_10.mp3 
 Raul Ries   Youth PC291  08_92_11.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Evangelism PC292  08_92_12.mp3 
 Ray Bentley   Holy Spirit PC293  08_92_13.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Sound Doctrine PC294  08_92_14.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Faith & Vision PC297  08_92_15.mp3 
 Bill Ritchie   Balance PC298  08_92_16.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Raul Ries   Daniel 1 PC261  09_91_01.mp3 
 Bill Ritchie   Daniel 2 pt. 1 PC262  09_91_02.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Daniel 2 pt. 2 PC263  09_91_03.mp3 
 Wayne Taylor   Devotions PC264  09_91_04.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   Daniel 3 PC265  09_91_05.mp3 
 Ed Smith   Daniel 4 PC266  09_91_06.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Daniel 5 PC267  09_91_07.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Daniel 6 PC268  09_91_08.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Daniel 7 Eternal Security PC269  09_91_09.mp3 
 Franklin Graham & Various Speakers   General Session PC270  09_91_10.mp3 
 Ray Bentley   Devotions PC271  09_91_11.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Daniel 8 Understanding End Times Prophecy PC272  09_91_12.mp3 
 Don McClure   Daniel 9:1-19 PC273  09_91_13.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Daniel 9:20-27 The Importance of Prophecy PC274  09_91_14.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Daniel 10 PC275  09_91_15.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Daniel 11 PC276  09_91_16.mp3 
 Ricky Ryan   Devotions PC277  09_91_17.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Daniel 12 Knowledge &the Last Days PC278  09_91_18.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   Burden For The Lost PC211  10_90_01.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Developing Strategy PC212  10_90_02.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Doing The Work PC213  10_90_03.mp3 
 Louis Neely   Implementing A Vision PC214  10_90_04.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Dealing With Discouragement PC215  10_90_05.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Living Above Reproach PC216  10_90_06.mp3 
 Raul Ries   Standing Up Against the Enemy PC217  10_90_07.mp3 
 Gayle Irwin   General Session PC218  10_90_08.mp3 
 Don McClure   Such A Man As I PC219  10_90_09.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   The Power and Effect of the Word PC220  10_90_10.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Steps to Revival PC221  10_90_11.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   The Necessity of Commitment PC222  10_90_12.mp3 
 Wayne Taylor   Marriage, Family, and the Ministry PC223  10_90_13.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Closing and Communion PC224  10_90_14.mp3 
 Ray Bentley   The Baptism of the Holy Spirit PC229  10_90_15.mp3 
 Ricky Ryan   Effectively Communicating the Truth PC230  10_90_16.mp3 
 Rudy Cardnas   Nuts & Bolts of Children's Ministry PC232  10_90_17.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Biblical Church Government PC233  10_90_18.mp3 
 Justin Alfred   False Winds of Doctrines PC235  10_90_19.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Giving an Evangelistic Message PC237  10_90_20.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Ed Smith   Marriage &Leadership - Ex. 4:18-26 CC108  11_89_01.mp3 
 Mike Chadwick   Selecting, Training & Firing of Leadership CC109  11_89_02.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Spiritual Warfare - Joshua CC110  11_89_03.mp3 
 Raul Ries   Prayer CC112  11_89_04.mp3 
 Don McClure   Jesus and the Holy Spirit CC113  11_89_05.mp3 
 Keith Ritter   Sharing CC114  11_89_06.mp3 
 Alan Redpath   Secret of Christian Leadership CC116  11_89_07.mp3 
 Alan Redpath   The Preacher Jesus Need For the Ministry CC119  11_89_08.mp3 
 Alan Redpath   The Holy Spirit & Power for the Ministry CC122  11_89_09.mp3 
 Romaine   Being a Servant O5  11_89_10.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Gift of Ministry PC201  11_89_11.mp3 
 Roger Oakland   Evolution and the New Age PC202  11_89_12.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   The Grace and Peace of God PC203  11_89_13.mp3 
 David Rosales   Devotions PC204  11_89_14.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   To God Be The Glory PC205  11_89_15.mp3 
 Tal Brooke and Chuck Smith   End Times and the New Age PC206  11_89_16.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Spiritual Blessings in Jesus PC207  11_89_17.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Redemption PC208  11_89_18.mp3 
 Gayle Irwin   Looking Unto Jesus PC209  11_89_19.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Pauls' Ephesian Prayers PC210  11_89_20.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   To The Church of Ephesus PC181  12_88_01.mp3 
 Jon Courson   To The Church of Smyrna PC182  12_88_02.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   To The Church of Pergamos PC183  12_88_03.mp3 
 Raul Ries   To The Church of Thyatira PC184  12_88_04.mp3 
 Don McClure   To The Church of Sardis PC185  12_88_05.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   To The Church of Philadelphia PC186  12_88_06.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   To The Church of Laodicea PC187  12_88_07.mp3 
 Billy Ingram   Morning Devotions PC188  12_88_08.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Morning Devotions PC189  12_88_09.mp3 
 Dave Hunt   Heresies Have Crept Into the Church PC190  12_88_10.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   What is a Calvary Chapel PC191  12_88_11.mp3 
 Romaine   Assistant Pastor's Workshop PC192  12_88_12.mp3 
 John Wickham   Worship Leader's Workshop PC193  12_88_13.mp3 
 Various Speakers   National Good News PC196  12_88_14.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   Acts 1 PC161  13_87_01.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Acts 2 PC162  13_87_02.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Acts 3 PC163  13_87_03.mp3 
 Brian Broderson   Acts 4 PC164  13_87_04.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Acts 5 PC165  13_87_05.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Acts 6 PC166  13_87_06.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Acts 7 The Days of Little Things PC167  13_87_07.mp3 
 Don McClure   Acts 8-9 PC168  13_87_08.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Acts 10 PC169  13_87_09.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Acts 13 PC170  13_87_10.mp3 
 Sid Wakeling   Accounting / Tax Laws PC171  13_87_11.mp3 
 Chuck Smith Jr.   In Search of Excellent Ministry PC172  13_87_12.mp3 
 Raul Ries   Counting the Cost PC173  13_87_13.mp3 
 Skip Heitzig   Avoiding Ministerial Pitfalls PC174  13_87_14.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Missler   Urgency to Reach Out PC141  14_86_01.mp3 
 Guy Duffield   Gifts For Today PC143  14_86_02.mp3 
 Dr. Van Cleave   Use and Abuse of Gifts PC144  14_86_03.mp3 
 Dave Hunt   Seduction of Christianity PC145  14_86_04.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Power of the Spirit in the Ministry PC146  14_86_05.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Reaching The World PC149  14_86_06.mp3 
 Jon Courson   The Waters of Morah PC152  14_86_07.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   God Desires To Bless You PC153  14_86_08.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   Suffering For God's Glory PC133  15_85_01.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Fear & Discouragement In the Ministry PC134  15_85_02.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Signs & Wonders PC135  15_85_03.mp3 
 Gayle Irwin   How To Approach the Word of God PC137  15_85_04.mp3 
 Steve Mays   Being Careful of Using Illustrations PC138  15_85_05.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Armin Geswin   Prayer in the Ministry Pt. 1 CC13  16_84_01.mp3 
 Armin Geswin   Prayer in the Ministry Pt. 2 CC14  16_84_02.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Ministry of the Word Pt. 1 CC15  16_84_03.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Ministry of the Word Pt. 2 CC16  16_84_04.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   Part 1 CC17  16_84_05.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   Part 2 CC18  16_84_06.mp3 
 J. Edwin Orr   Atonement CC5  16_84_07.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Homiletics Pt. 1 CC7  16_84_08.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Homiletics Pt. 2 CC8  16_84_09.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Homiletics Pt. 3 CC9  16_84_10.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Criteria For A Christian Minister pt. 1 HP10  16_84_11.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Criteria For A Christian Minister pt. 2 HP11  16_84_12.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Criteria For A Christian Minister pt. 3 HP12  16_84_13.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   The Minister 1 of 3 HP20  16_84_14.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   The Minister 2 of 3 HP21  16_84_15.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   The Minister 3 of 3 HP22  16_84_16.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Home Pastor's - Sharing About Calvary HP23  16_84_17.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Home Pastor's Series 1979 - The Minister HP33  16_84_18.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Trusting God In The Ministry HP35  16_84_19.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Questions & Answer HP36  16_84_20.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   The Ministry Pt. 1 O7  16_84_21.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 N.M. Van Cleave   God's Grace And His Provisions CC101  17_83_01.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   Be a Carries of His Grace - Jonah CC102  17_83_02.mp3 
 R. Brier / W. Taylor   Trusting the Lord - Ps 37 / Pastors are Sheep Too -Ps. 51 CC103  17_83_03.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Pitfalls of the Minister - 1Peter 5:1-10 CC104  17_83_04.mp3 
 Bill Ritchie   Victory Through Praise - Josh. 6 CC105  17_83_05.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   Lessons On Leadership CC106  17_83_06.mp3 
 Bob Fromm   Counseling CC107  17_83_07.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   You Are An Example Of The Minister CC111  17_83_08.mp3 
 Jon Courson   Uses of Jesus' Name CC64  17_83_09.mp3 
 Ed Smith   Worship / A Lifestyle CC65  17_83_10.mp3 
 S. Alley / B. Ritchey   Christian Education / Conflicts CC66  17_83_11.mp3 
 Romaine / L. Taylor   Assistant Pastoring / Ministry- Servanthood CC68  17_83_12.mp3 
 S. Mays / W. Taylor   Leadership / Psalms 5 CC69  17_83_13.mp3 
 Mike MacIntosh   Missions / World Evangelism CC70  17_83_14.mp3 
 M. Kiley   Home Fellowship CC71  17_83_15.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   CC72  17_83_16.mp3 
 Chuck Smith Jr.   Study Habits CC73  17_83_17.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Study Preparation CC74  17_83_18.mp3 
 Col. Yehuda Levy / Chuck Smith   Middle East Update CC76  17_83_19.mp3 
 Asher Kaufman   Temple Mount CC79  17_83_20.mp3 
 Dr. Stanely Goldfoot   The Temple Mt. / Pres. Jerusalem / Temple Found CC80  17_83_21.mp3 
 N.M. Van Cleave   Knowing and Doing God's Will CC96  17_83_22.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Ed Smith   Spiritual Warfare CC41  18_82_01.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   By My Spirit CC42  18_82_02.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Christ Is The Head Of The Church CC48  18_82_03.mp3 
 Greg Laurie   Gifts of the Holy Spirit CC61  18_82_04.mp3 
 Gayle Erwin   CC62  18_82_05.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Greg Laurie   Vision - Hab. 2 CC19  19_81_01.mp3 
 Romaine   Ministering With Humility CC20  19_81_02.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Our Motive For Service CC25  19_81_03.mp3 
 Jeff Johnson   CC26  19_81_04.mp3 
 Author  Title  CD   Catalog No.  Filename
 Chuck Smith   The Ministry CC11  20_80_01.mp3 
 Chuck Smith   Criteria For A Christian Minister CC2 1980  20_80_02.mp3 
 J. Edwin Orr   Santification CC6  20_80_03.mp3 

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